Thursday 9 May 2013

I Adore a Sale! I Loathe Being So SO BUSY!!

It was great shopping on TpT yesterday during the teacher appreciation sale!  I bought a lot of cute stuff!  Can't wait to try things out.  Us teachers are just SO CREATIVE!!  At the same time, I feel a little unsteady lately with all that is going on - there is just so much I want to accomplish and there never seems to be enough time:)  Ah well - teach on!!!

My muffins have been SO lovely lately!  We have been learning about writing with voice so I played this game with my kiddos.  We all had to close our eyes and I would tap one student on their shoulder.  That student would say an "I loathe.." sentence or an "I adore.." sentence.  Then, the class would guess who said the statement.  After awhile of doing this my sweeties suggested disguising their voice!!  Yup - it worked well!!!  We all had some good laughs as we played and discussed what made it easy to figure out who said what!!  Our individualities shone and so we thought we could transfer this to our writing.  

My kiddos were pumped to write their own I adore.., I loathe.. statements.  Suddenly, the writing activity evolved into a cute craftivity with each students picture hidden.  One sweet pea suggested we walk around and try to figure out who wrote what.  They were so excited and careful to hide what they had wrote so as no to ruin the game.

Here we are walking around the room!  They loved it!!

If you want it you can have in my Say It With Voice packet!  Click on the picture below!

primary first grade second grade grade one third

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