Friday 1 March 2013

Choose Respect! and I Can't ...YET!:)

This week we celebrated Choose Respect Day at our school to combat bullying.  It was a very powerful day which included Choose Respect t-shirts for everyone, a wonderful play put on by the Grade 6 class (I definitely teared up it was so great!), and a few adorable, thoughtful crafts!  Check out the picts below!

Students had to brainstorm positive ways to be respectful and decorate their t-shirt with them.

Also, we made handprints with a cross in the middle.  Black tempura paint, white acrylic paint, flourescent pink paper and squares of black construction paper were all that was required.  They turned out beautifully.  Thankfully, I had a lot of help with the hand print portion!  Black paint is hard to get off!

Thanks to the amazing crew of teachers and staff at St. Joseph School!  We are an amazing team!

This coming Monday my little nutty crew:) is in charge of the assembly.  Our virtue is perseverance!  It's a BIG word for grade 1 but they pull it off!  We created some I Can poetry and read with the proper tone it is really cute!!

primary first grade one
I CAN paint.  I can't read hard books, YET!!
I can dance, I can ride my bike. I can sing.  I can't whistle, yet!!

You can learn about perseverance in my new packet of printables and activities.  It features the activity above, as well as a T-shirt inspired craftivity like we did for Choose Respect Day!

This is just a little hint as to what we have been up to for Career Day!  More pictures and ideas to come in the next post!  Stay tuned!!!

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