Wednesday 6 March 2013

What should I be when I grow up? Career Day in Grade 1 and Community Helpers

It was a wonderful Career Day this past week in Grade 1!  I hosted a little career fair in my little classroom and boy was it jam packed in there!  I'm sure the whole school came!  My little muffins all dressed up and we had prepared a report about each chosen career.  We also made a paper doll to match!  Here are some of the super cute outfits!!

My little baseball player!
A teacher!
A hockey player!  We are in Canada you know!
Watch out for this policeman!  He meant business and he had handcuffs!
My little veterinarian!
Here is my scientist!
Bake me a cake as fast you can!!!
Watch out!  The sheriff is in town!  Press his read button and he will tell you all about it!
Last, but not least, my resident dolphin trainer! She even had a bucket of fish!! ADORABLE!!!
The writing paper came from Brenda Tejada's Community Helpers Complete Unit!!  So cute!  We had a great month learning about our community!

Also, be sure to check out my Community Helpers 3 Sentence Story Writing Unit!!!

community helpers

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