Thursday 14 June 2012

Kiddo Creations and Our Father's Day Cards

Well we made our Father's Day Lid Magnet gifts today and they were all that I expected and more.  Some kids made Mr. Know-It-All and Mr. Weirdo magnets.  Some painstakingly drew their own soccer ball pattern onto their circle and some glued shells to their magnet for the more scientific, animal loving dad!!  Check out the pics below!!
Father's Day Lid craft

Father's Day craft

While some kiddies were making their magnets with my assistants, the others were making their Father's Day cards.  They did a super, awesome job!!

vest, card

vest, craft, card, Dad

vests, card

Kid cards, hand made, cute, easy, printables
Download this template here!!
Download the poem printable here!

This Friday we are having Donuts with Dad in our classroom and we will give them our cards and presents.  Happy Father's Day!!!!

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