Sunday 17 June 2012

Crazy Cute Canadians Learn About Alliteration

I have THE CUTEST class.  Since we were learning about alliteration and Canada this month I decided to do a little writing activity to connect the two.   First, I taught about alliteration using the alliteration Power Pix.

The best part was we would say the definition for alliteration followed by singing "Big, Busy/Buzzy, Bee" to the tune of "Farmer and the Dell" while playing our air guitars.  Then, I had the kids write a rough draft of an alliteration using their first or last name.  At recess I edited them.

Then I had them colour a border on a big maple leaf flag, cut it out, write their alliteration in pencil, trace it in felt, and decorate with glitter glue.

Download the template here!!
art, Grade 1, primary

Crazy Cuteness created by some incredibly cute Canadians!!!!

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