Friday 29 June 2012

I Can't Find My Pencil!!

So one day I was teaching my students a Health lesson.  We were talking about appropriate ways to ask for help in the classroom.  I started by saying that one mistake lots of grade one students make is rather than asking their teacher to get another pencil they say, "I can't find my pencil!!" or "I can't find my scissors!"  I explained to my students that since they know where the extra pencils and scissors are they should turn their statement into a question - "May I please go get a new pencil?" - and teachers all over the world would be more than happy to allow them to go and retrieve another.  Now, it may have been the fact that I used a silly voice when I demonstrated how not to ask for a pencil, but it turned into a running joke in my class.  The following is what resulted!  The best part is that this lesson really got the message across to my students.  I heard many polite requests from then on to get pencils, scissors, glue sticks, etc.  I hope it gives you a much needed laugh as you head into your summer break!  I laugh every time I see it!  Enjoy!

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