Thursday 21 June 2012

National Aboriginal Day

Today, we celebrated National Aboriginal Day in my class!  One of my kiddo's mom works with a lady who had ordered all these wonderful resources to celebrate and learn about the Aboriginal cultures of Canada.  I decided I would use these materials and have our own Pow Wow in our class.  The curriculum objective is to name activities that Aboriginal peoples do in each season.  So, I introduced the centres and then I would stop the class occasionally and ask for ideas as to what season they might do the activity in or use the model being built.  I enlisted our Grade 4 Buddies to help with the centres - they were a great help!!!

We coloured Inuit art.  I put out black, blue and red markers with placemats in case the marker bled through.

We made inukshuks.  These are used to mark trails.

While students got fake tattoos, the others worked on an Aboriginal art inspired puzzle.

We folded and made a fortune craftivity.  Inside were different things you could do to celebrate National Aboriginal Day.

We made little wagons or "Red River Carts"

This triple canoe on the water was the most difficult.  It was so neat to see who excelled - often the kids who have trouble with printing and writing excel at building and putting things together.  The same was true today.

Happy Aboriginal Day ~ Summer Solstice!

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