Sunday 10 June 2012

Father's Day Lid Magnets

The creative bug has hit me with full force.  I really am starting to believe that lack of sleep is not a bad thing if it brings out all of this fantastic creativity in me:)  It started with a pin on pinterest -  Grow Creative: Lid Magnets  It reminded me that my thrifty aunt had saved and given me about a kazillion jar and juice lids.  I needed a Father's Day project and, thus, I created a Father's Day Lid Magnet craft.  I'm hoping my kiddies will squeal with delight over this craft.

My first task was to go to Michael's to find some round magnets to glue to the backs of the lids.  I ended up with some really adorable Father's Day stickers.  Then, I got suckered into buying a circle punch and boy am I glad I did - it made things a lot easier and it wasn't too expensive.  I know will be able to use it for future projects and crafts so it was worth it.  Next, I went to my classroom to gather some other creative supplies and my glue gun.

                                       craft, magnet, gift

                                       craft, fun, kids 

Next, I laid out and played with the design of each magnet and glued everything down with Tacky glue.  I came up with the following designs.        

craft, kids, activity

 Although I used the fun little ties from Michael's for these magnets, you could cut out and colour your own without having to buy them.

craft, activity, gift

I cut the bowtie and mustache myself out of left over scraps of cardstock.

craft, gift, activity

I glue-gunned on these nuts and bolts for a fun little decoration.

I drew the details for each ball on these sport themed magnets.

Then I glued gunned a magnet onto the back of each lid.  I am pumped to see what my kids will come up with during art.  I love a craft that kids can pretty much do themselves!!

gift, craft, easy, fun, Dad

When I was rooting around my craft box for paper I found some really cool postcard prints that I had bought from Ikea to decorate my room in university.  I hadn't put them up for awhile so I thought it was time to make them into some magnets for our fridge at home.  Also, I found some vintage clothespins I inherited from a student's neighbour's craft collection.  With the help of my sister we decided which patterns to use and below is the result.  I used tacky glue to glue the patterned paper on and a glue gun to put on the clothespin.

fun, easy, cute, crafts

I hope you enjoy this craft.  I had a blast creating and crafting!!!  Let me know if you have any questions!!!

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