Saturday 6 February 2016

BC's New Curriculum Resource: My Community Inquiry Unit

Hi all - so I have a student teacher...and she is amazing!!  As a result I have I have been making the most of my time.  First, I did my Long Range Plans:
Grade 1
Comments?  What do you think?  I was planning to include the Core Competencies when I wrote lesson plans.  Also - I would just print what they provided on the BC Curriculum website in PDF format as the first page.  These two pages would follow for Social Studies.

Next, I did an Inquiry Unit for Social Studies to match.  It covers most of the new content:

grade 1

This unit has not been tried in the classroom so I am looking for the first 5 people who write a comment on this post with their e-mail to demo parts of it or all of it  with their class and provide feedback.  I plan on doing the same.  Anyone interested?  My plan is to do a small Matter Unit next.  Wish me luck!  My student teacher leaves after the first week of March and my time will be up!!

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