Wednesday 3 October 2012

I Heard Mr. Turkey Say, "Gobble, gobble, gobble...time for a Thanksgiving freebie!" AND Currently

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving blogging friends!  I am excited to be traveling home this weekend to see the fam!  For the past five years I have been doing this super cute Thanksgiving craft with my kiddos and they eat it up, literally!!  Introducing...Apple Turkeys!!!

A Grade One Nut and Her Squirrelly Crew, Thanksgiving, primary, activity, art

This craft is super easy to prepare - thanks to the amazing parents, colleagues, and helpers who helped provide apples, supervise, and peal carrots, etc.  You will need:

raisins for eyes
big marshmallows for the head
small marshmallows for the tail
toothpicks to attach everything
peeled carrots for the wings and waddle
(2 carrots were more than enough for my class of 24) - store peeled carrots in a container of cold water to keep them crisp

This lovely apple turkey is named Jewelry - precious!!!

Earlier that morning, we practiced singing my favourite Thanksgiving song, "I Heard Mr. Turkey Say..."   with actions and everything.  When the turkey hides, we hide our apples turkeys behind our backs.  After we made our turkeys, we sang our song for the parent volunteers - SO cute!  Click below for your freebie copy and couple of other cute activities!!

Thanks to Lita for the adorable free graphics!!

I began this week with a brainstorm about some of the gifts in our lives we are thankful for.  My kiddos were so sweet and came up with lots of good suggestions like family, strength, talents, and Jesus.  Each chose their favourite and printed it on a turkey feather.  Click on the picture below for your freebie turkey and feathers template!

Then, I posted it outside on our bulletin board.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!  


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