Tuesday 23 October 2012

Pumpkin Strip Jack-o-Lanterns - Easy Art in a Snap!

Today we made Pumpkin Strip Jack-o-Lanterns!  This is such an easy craft!  You will need 7 strips of orange construction paper, a strip of green, and a square of black.  If my kids want white I tell them to get some from the recycle bin as a way of being environmentally friendly.

Halloween art  A grade one nut and her squirrelly crew

 I love to encourage my kiddos to be creative with the face.  They turn out really interesting to look at... Sometimes the shape of the pumpkin even changes.  Check out the one at the top of the bulletin board! Soooo  cute!

Halloween art activity

Arrrgghh - I'm a pirate!!

This week I have been surviving on the wonderful packets of others!!  Here are few awesome packets I am using this week!!

We will do some Pumpkin writing with the help of this lovely little freebie from firstgradeblueskies!!

I can't wait for tomorrow for a couple of awesome pumpkin science experiments from this super amazing packet!!!  Happy Pumpkin week!!!

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