Sunday 28 October 2012

Three Spooky Bats Songtivity/Chantivity Freebie

So the combination of Halloween looming up, learning about subtraction and an old camp song - Three Charcoal Buzzards resulted in my newest freebie!  Mix them altogether and you get Three Spooky Bats Songtivity!  Click on the picture below for your copy.

Addition subtraction Halloween primary first grade bats fun

I taught the kids the song and they sang it like camp pros!  My crew - they love to sing!  They even added a bat hiss sound effect - batrific!  So I decided to make a little bat cave to help my kiddos practice subtraction and addition.  As they sing they song, they can write out each equation with cute foamy bats from the craft store to match.

Meanwhile, the hit of the week was a couple of science experiments.  My kids went batty over "Will the pumpkin float?" and "Will the Pumpkin Seeds Sink or Float?"  The excitement was through the roof! They couldn't believe that the pumpkin floated and they were so happy to be right about the seeds floating!!

Happy Halloween all!

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