Saturday 13 October 2012

Equal Sign = LOVE

This year my squirrelly crew is ALWAYS ready for a party!!  They tell jokes and stories that would captivate audiences world wide, they are fierce competitors in any game, they dance like crazy!!  So I created these 8 math games to introduce/review/solidify the concept of the equal sign as a segue into addition and subtraction.  Needless to say, the ol' crew rocked out!

One of the favourites was the equal sign bracelet.  We discovered that it works as a little abacus as well!! Oh yeah!!  I think I have about 5 of my own now, made especially for me by my little party goers!!  Make it a little simpler by have only 5 beads on each side of the equal sign instead of 10.

You may want to save this little craftivity for February/Valentine's Day as a cute review and to teach about poetry:)  That is my plan!!

Click on the picture below and join in the PARTY!!!  Wahoo!

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