Wednesday 31 October 2012

Our Halloweenie Day

Happy Halloween!!  Here is my cute make-up for my Vowel Bat costume!  Find out how to do the make-up HERE.  I ran around all day saving the world from words without vowels.  My kiddos were so cute as they stared back at me and my craziness!  The Grade 2's totally got it just like they did last year.  My one's did try though!  At one point during the day, one little girl exclaimed, "Miss N - look - a word without vowels!"  I looked only to discover TO -  hmmm - going to have to review the vowels - lol!  I saved it anyways!!

I found this Vowel Bat video on Mr. Harry's Kindergarten youtube channel.  I ADORE his collection of videos!  This is gold!!!

In the morning, we wrote spider cinquain poems that I got as a freebie from Amy Lemons!

It was perfect because we have been working on nouns, verbs, and adjectives!

In the afternoon we had a little costume parade for our Grade 4 buddies.

Then, we rotated through 4 centres!  I had a bazillion parent helpers who were all amazing!! We made spiders for our cinquaine poems.

We made Q-tip skeletons!!  One of my favourite crafts!  13 Q-tips, lots of glue and chalk for the skull - Voila!

grade one first grade

Next, was Don't Eat Pete!!! A freebie from The Teacher's Wife!  We used chocolate bars instead of candy corn and the kids got to eat the chocolate bar that was on Pete.  SO MUCH FUN!  Afterwards they decorated Halloween goodie bags with stickers and felts.

Last, we had a spooky story listening centre!

We had treats and goodies afterwards.  One sweet mom made these precious owl cupcakes - Pinterest idea I am told!!

When I wasn't looking this friendly lil guy appeared in my classroom!  Hurrah!! Healthy treats!!!

The eye-ball cupcakes were a hit, too!

We even had Monster Mash punch!!  What a spread!

We had a SUCH a good time!!

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