Wednesday 16 May 2012

Butterfly Art

 I was trying to come up with some art for our Plant Unit in my Grade 1 class.  I wanted to do something with flowers so I went to the dollar store in search of some potpourri.  Instead I found these great faux flower petals in pink, white, gold, cream and silver.  I decided we would make something out of them!  To make the butterflies we used the petals for wings and some pipe cleaner for bodies.  Then my students added antennas with a black felt.  My wonderful assistant came up with the backdrop.  Using glitter paint we washed the background blue and added a little tree in the corner.  Then my students decorated the tree and created grass with coloured tissue paper.  Glitter glue was used to create movement of the butterflies, as well as extra decoration and glitz.  My students swooned over this project.  Below is the end result!  Happy creating!!

craft, kids, easy, plants, animals, fun

crafts, easy, kids, fun, flower petals

fun, plants, craft, art, easy, kids

fun, easy, cute, art, flower petals,

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