Tuesday 26 February 2013

Do you dread story writing? Writing Fiction Made EASY!!

I don't know about you but I dreaded story writing after the very first time I taught it during my first practicum!  The editing, and the repetitious events, "said" used 100 times, and events that didn't make sense, not to mention a classroom management nightmare.  I had to find something or I was going to pull out all my hair!  I went to one of the experienced Grade 1 teachers in my school when I started teaching Grade 1.  Joan McKinley had a method that worked for her which she shared with me.  So, I took it, blended with some of my ideas, and made it my own!  Enter 3 Sentence Story Writing!  It saved my life and made story writing fun!  Here is what we wrote together last week.  Some chose to copy this along with me.  Others wrote their own story.

Still interested!!??  Here are the basics:

1. Begin story writing by writing class stories together.
2.  Teach the concepts of characters, setting and plot.
3. Use pictures for inspiration.
4.  Brainstorm and record ideas.
5.  Begin simply by writing 3 sentences: the first includes the character and the setting, the next includes the problem, and the last includes the solution.  Voila!  Story complete.  Once students understand this process they can begin to write their own simple fiction during Daily 5 or whenever they have free time.  My students each have a writing book that they use.  Be sure to allow them to share their stories as this will inspire others and keep everyone motivated!

Here is the story we just wrote for our Community Service unit this month!  Grade one spelling is encouraged.  Allowing mistakes in spelling encourages more writing and less writer's block!

If you are still interested, check out my newest packet on 3 Sentence Story Writing Community Service Edition!!  

easy fictional story writing for primary kids students young leraners

easy story writing fiction kids young fun

fiction story writing kids fun primary

Click on the picture below for my most popular packet on TpT.  I just updated and added 20 more inspirational pictures including tooth fairy pictures, and snow adventure pictures!  If you already purchased this packet, be sure to redownload!

easy story writing fiction for kids

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