Sunday 24 February 2013

Our BUSY Week!

I got some of the cutest Valentine's this year!!  There are definitely some creative moms out there in mom world!  Aren't I handsome!??

On to our 100th Day of school!  We made 100th day hats with 10 groups of 10 stickers each.  The lil' muffins practiced counting by 5's and 10's.  

We also made fruit loop necklaces in groups of 10!  Straws in between and a 100th Day sticker at 50 finished it off!!  Helpful Tip: Always tape the string to each students desk - there are always mishaps but this will save most of them:)

Here is an updated version of my 100th Day of School freebie and some of our creative writing!!  I'm sure writing is my favourite subject...until I'm sure math is:)

Here is my favourite!  I wish I had 100 dogs, I wish I had 100 moms, I wish I had 100 teachers, But I'd never wish for 100 dentist appointments!  LOL!!  Ditto!!!
I got this little surprise at the end of our day!  I love my job!

Here are some good buddies I'm told!

We had some incredible 100th Day projects!!  Check it out!!!

Our field trip to Specialty Bakery was next.  Chris and Carmen are such AWESOME tour that what you would call them?  Anyhow, they just keep getting better and better every year!!!  We made marzipan carrots, we got to wear cool bakery hats, we played with cookie dough, we went in the freezer, saw the ovens and the mixers, and we got to eat fresh bread and fresh cookies!!  It was DOUGHlicious!  I couldn't resist!

We had fun!!  I, on the other hand, was happy to hold it all together!  I wrote my report cards in the midst of all of this!  Thank goodness for the weekend!!!

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