Wednesday 14 November 2012

Panda Bears, Polar Bears, and Grizzly Bears, Oh my!

Oh my!!!  We have been having a wonderful week in my little class.  They made me laugh so hard today!!  Love their personalities!  I am so grateful for a less busy week without interruptions.  My Smart Board is still on the fritz - that is one thing I could ask for - no more technology problems - it works for about 10 minutes and then shuts off.  To make matters worse my mouse started behaving strangely...  It is amazing how much we rely on technology!

We started off the week with a little discussion of the basic needs of bears!  Click on below for a little freebie!
grade 1, first grade, primary

Then, we did a little compare and contrast between grizzly and polar bears.  Love that critical thinking!

grizzly bear, polar bear

Here is an example of what one of my little tykes wrote!

So as we continue our study of bears we made our Polar Bear tear art today.  it is always SO cute to see the look of terror when they hear they have to tear and not cut!!!  What do you MEAN!! I don't use SCISSORS!!!  She has LOST her mind!!!   It's art my friends!!!  Crazy, creative art like these bears always makes me laugh!

Check out the detail on this cute bear!
This bear is sitting on his tush although I am told he is actually standing and growling:) 
At first glance, one would think this bear was flying.  I'm told this bear is about to attack a human, complete with sound effects!  Oh my!!  LOL!
Introducing the poised and thoughtful bear.  You need seal?  Oh, just over here good sir!
Levitation bears are so cute and there is always more than one:)
Bear on the edge!!
Bear on the edge of glory!
 This art project is super easy.  All you need is blue construction paper, white computer paper, and glue!  You may want to give them each a cotton ball to add a little fur:)  Have a beary good week!!!

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