Monday 5 August 2013

Top 10 Back to School Tips: Tip #1 Know Your Muffins!

Us teachers all know that getting to know your muffins is one of the most important aspects of classroom management in the first days of school!  I can't believe I'm writing about the first days of school right now when mine is a month away still but I want to support all those that are starting soon!  Here is a little funny my mom sent me that got me laughing!!  Hope this brings a smile to your day!

SO anyways - here are my Top 10!

1. NAME GAMES!!!  Me: I'm Miss Nutini, who are you? Student: I am __________, how do you do?  Me: Why thank you for asking!!  You look very nice today in your new shirt!!  Glad you are in our class!!  Repeat!  AND OF COURSE - Who Stole the Cookies?  My kids cannot get enough of this old faithful!

2. Keep it simple - make sure all activities are easily doable!!  Kids are just as nervous as you and they want to feel happy that they can do what you want them to do!!

3. Feed THEM!  No, I am serious!  Ever heard that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach....well...the door to your students' hearts is CANDY - shameless I know but a little treat to keep them sweet can't hurt or a little cookie icing activity can only make things light hearted and fun AS WELL as feed their overloaded, summer addled brains!

4.  Ask questions about each of their family members.  Mention if you have taught one or more of their siblings.  Try to remember names of siblings, parents and dogs!!  This simple task is an amazing rapport builder!

5.  Keep those parents happy and involved.  Open the conversation and keep it a-flowing.  I always say to my parents to come in and contact me anytime.  I say, "Please come to me with any questions or concerns anytime!"

6.  Plck a really, and I mean, REALLY FUNNY, FUN opening story!!  This will get the kids laughing and set a really great tone for the year!!  Sitting on the Farm by Bob King is such a fun audience join-along book that my students have always enjoyed!

7. Show them where the bathroom, washroom, restroom is located!  This will alleviate a lot of anxiety!!

8. FEED THEM!! - I know I said this already but it is so true!  Give them lots of time to properly eat their snacks!!!  I give them at least 10 minutes to sit at their desks and eat their snacks before we go out for recess.  This routine sometimes lasts one to two weeks!!

9.  Go through their backpacks at recess time/lunch time!!  I'M SERIOUS!!  LOL!!  You will be amazed at what school supplies/important notes, etc. are tucked away in that sweet little muffin's shiny new backpack!!  This will save you time and energy reading notes, talking to parents ect. wondering where school supplies are, figuring out who is going home and when, etc.!  It is worth it!!!  This also can last the whole first week or two.

10.  Try to be prepared enough for the week that you can leave the school early!!!  This will save your sanity and your health!!  Nothing worse than being sick during the first month of school!!!  How many muffins develop stomach aches and limps when you are away!!!  Be good to yourself please!!

If you need a little more help you can find a lot of these ideas and more in my Getting to Know You back to school kit!!  Check it out by clicking below!!

Back to School Activities

Back to School Activties

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