Friday 15 November 2013

La météo en français! Voilà!!

Well - report card season and Christmas concert season is almost among - ahem - upon us - if it hasn't already started for some of you!  For all you Canadian French teachers out there, with the help of my lovely multi-talented and multilingual aunt - thanks Aunt Tricia!!! - I have created a little weather unit to help teach all of the weather vocabulaire!!!

teach French weather vocabulary en français

One of my favourite things to teach is French - it always amazes me how fast some of them pick it up!!  I am teaching Grade 2 this year so it will be fun to see if they remember anything from last year when I taught them in Grade 1!  And once again the exclamation marks are getting away from

primary French activities

This little packet will easily fit into any morning routine.  With a little practice and a lot of fun you will have vos éléves á parler français, devant vos yeux (before your eyes)!!

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