Monday 13 April 2015

Religion Unit 2: Learning the Catholic Faith

Happy Easter everyone!!  Unit 2 is finally here and I am very hoppy!!!  We had a lot of fun doing these activities!!  Be sure to check out the preview on TpT!

Primary religion grade 1 first grade

This was the poster I used to teach about the fruits of the spirit!  We did a write the room and then ate fruit salad!!  The kids loved it!!!!  They really look forward to religion!!

religion grade 1 primary

 These were our "I am a saint when..." craftivities!  They turned out amazing which is a feat for me if I do say so myself!!  I generally have great ideas for art but my examples do not always turn out as aesthetically pleasing as I would like - LOL!!  

craftivity grade 1 primary religion

Anyhow the unit is lots of fun!  I encourage you to take a peek!!  Have a great week and for those of you back to work after Spring break, have a good one!!!

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