Sunday 24 January 2016

Ready, Set, Learn!! Prepping Your Child for Kindergarten! For Parents

So I'm not sure if I have told all of you bloggers but I am doing my Masters right now through Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington!  Needless to say life is super busy but I love how active my mind is and how many new ideas I have learned about from my professors and colleagues!!  LOVE it!  Never thought I would like it this much!

So as part of my Curriculum Course was to create some curriculum.  I chose to write a magazine for parents with children entering into Kindergarten.  My hope was it would help prep their child for the transition!  This is what I came up with!

I wrote this resource as I found no resource that was succinct and easy to read for the busy parent who is preparing their child for Kindergarten.  In fact, I even went to the bookstore to see what was available in the area of  parenting books and what I found was overwhelming!!

Prep your child for school
 I discovered a vast amount of books - each one quite complex and way too long for the busy, tired parent to even get past the first few pages without losing focus and interest.  Out of the ten random books I chose to survey, two appeared to have content with common sense and useful ideas.  The rest, in my opinion, were highly technical and not at the reading level of the average parent.  Thus, I decided to write a fun, short, magazine inspired resource for the busy, average parent to read.  My audience of parents are focused on what I know - parents who send their children to my school - thus, and maybe unfortunately, it is geared towards middle to upper class professional, working class families.

Click below to get your copy!

Objectives for the Magazine:

Parents will be aware of easy to implement, accessible activities to help their child get ready for school.

Parents will create a vision for their child based on realistic idea of who their child is and where they come from – looking at academic, social and behavioural aspects.

Parents will learn habits/routines that children need to know for school, examine their current family habits/routines, and affirm or adjust home habits to help their child make an easy transition to school.

Parents will learn the importance of social play in their child’s preparation for school, how to deal with conflict and how to develop a positive support community to ensure their child’s social success.

Parents will learn how to develop a positive relationship with the school, staff and teachers.

Parents will examine their own relationship with their child, and affirm or adjust their parenting practice to meet the needs of their child.

Parents will evaluate their child’s readiness for Kindergarten based on set criteria.

Parents will learn what steps to take if they are concerned their child may have educational challenges. 

My favourite pages encourage parents to create a vision for their child.

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