Wednesday 20 July 2016

Community Inquiry - BC's New Curriculum

So as I have been dabbling in B.C.'s new curriculum I have also been fine tuning my inquiry-based learning skills. It seems SO complicated at first!!  I have simplified it now that I have done it a couple of times.  Now it is definitely more manageable for me and hopefully for you.
BC's New Curriculum

I think one of the key points is #2 Understand.  What does the question mean?  It is important for the teacher to break down the question and define each term and unknown word.  So I decided I needed to completely revamp My Community Inquiry Unit and am I sure glad I did!!  Excited for this coming school year to use it for the second time!!!  Bring on the new curriculum!

BC's new curriculum

Be sure to check it out over on TpT for a little preview! Includes student self-assessments, How To page, and extensions.   Click on the pict below!
social Studies BC new curriculum

So how is your relationship with BC's new curriculum?  I'd love to hear how it is going!!

PS: If you live in my area and would like a freebie PPT of human-made and natural features found in the area, click here!

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