Sunday 17 December 2017

BC New Curriculum First Peoples Art: Easy Art

Looking for some BC New Curriculum lessons that cover First Nations objectives?
Here is an easy, First Nations art project that is cross-curricular and covers four different objectives! Students will learn about the First Nations culture, a feature artist, Clarence Mills, and they will create a pop-out bear art project!
New BC Curriculum
This project is CROSS-CURRICULAR!!  It covers multiple objectives.

Science: Recognize First Peoples stories (including oral and written narratives), songs, and art, as ways to share knowledge.

Language Arts: Show awareness of how story in First Peoples cultures connects people to family and community - specifically teaching life knowledge through animal observations.

Art: To study traditional and contemporary Aboriginal arts and arts-making processes.

Application, Technology and Design: Ideating, making and sharing a way to make the bear image pop out of the plate.

Below is a beautiful book to read that helps to tie the lesson together:

Student will learn about the artist who created the graphic we will use for the art project: Clarence Mills!

Clarence is a famous for his totem poles.  There are some great videos of him work below!

Then, students create their own pop-out art!  They have to use their imagination and design skills to create a way for the image to pop out of the paper plate.  Voila!  ADST!!

You will need: 6" paper plates, felt markers, glue and paper to make the image pop-out!

Grade 1

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