Tuesday 11 December 2018

Catholic Prayers and Bible Verse Morning Routine Kit

Do you work in a Catholic school and want to SPICE up your Morning Routine? Well have I got the product for you!!! This product is comprised of prayers and Bible verses for projecting during your Morning Routine. The prayers and Bible verses are some of the same ones included in my packet Religion Units for the Year (Learning the Catholic Religion)

 There are few new ones included, along with an updated Student booklet that students can read in their Daily 5, take home, or read as you are praying each morning. I usually change the prayer and Bible verse we say as a class every month. 

 Decide which program you would like to use for your Morning Routine. The options include PowerPoint, KeyNote and PDF. The great thing about PowerPoint and Keynote is you can add your own slides to enhance your routine and personalize it any way that you want. The slides that I have created cannot be edited. However, please email me at 
agradeonenut@gmail.com if you have any requests!

Using the JPEG files, insert or drag and drop them into new slides in your current Morning Routine (PowerPoint or KeyNote). You may have to adjust the size of each image by clicking on it and arranging it. Directions included. Within minutes you have added to your current Morning Routine, making it that more rich and faith-filled.
 There are enough prayers and Bible verses for each month of the school year, along with a few extras.
Here is a little preview of the product in PowerPoint.  The product does come in PDF and Keynote, as well!  All is included in the packet!

Here is one of my favourite new songs for my littles during Religion!  They are obsessed!!  Check out all the songs from Listener Kids on their YouTube Channel!

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