Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Do you dread story writing? Writing Fiction Made EASY!!

I don't know about you but I dreaded story writing after the very first time I taught it during my first practicum!  The editing, and the repetitious events, "said" used 100 times, and events that didn't make sense, not to mention a classroom management nightmare.  I had to find something or I was going to pull out all my hair!  I went to one of the experienced Grade 1 teachers in my school when I started teaching Grade 1.  Joan McKinley had a method that worked for her which she shared with me.  So, I took it, blended with some of my ideas, and made it my own!  Enter 3 Sentence Story Writing!  It saved my life and made story writing fun!  Here is what we wrote together last week.  Some chose to copy this along with me.  Others wrote their own story.

Still interested!!??  Here are the basics:

1. Begin story writing by writing class stories together.
2.  Teach the concepts of characters, setting and plot.
3. Use pictures for inspiration.
4.  Brainstorm and record ideas.
5.  Begin simply by writing 3 sentences: the first includes the character and the setting, the next includes the problem, and the last includes the solution.  Voila!  Story complete.  Once students understand this process they can begin to write their own simple fiction during Daily 5 or whenever they have free time.  My students each have a writing book that they use.  Be sure to allow them to share their stories as this will inspire others and keep everyone motivated!

Here is the story we just wrote for our Community Service unit this month!  Grade one spelling is encouraged.  Allowing mistakes in spelling encourages more writing and less writer's block!

If you are still interested, check out my newest packet on 3 Sentence Story Writing Community Service Edition!!  

easy fictional story writing for primary kids students young leraners

easy story writing fiction kids young fun

fiction story writing kids fun primary

Click on the picture below for my most popular packet on TpT.  I just updated and added 20 more inspirational pictures including tooth fairy pictures, and snow adventure pictures!  If you already purchased this packet, be sure to redownload!

easy story writing fiction for kids

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Our BUSY Week!

I got some of the cutest Valentine's this year!!  There are definitely some creative moms out there in mom world!  Aren't I handsome!??

On to our 100th Day of school!  We made 100th day hats with 10 groups of 10 stickers each.  The lil' muffins practiced counting by 5's and 10's.  

We also made fruit loop necklaces in groups of 10!  Straws in between and a 100th Day sticker at 50 finished it off!!  Helpful Tip: Always tape the string to each students desk - there are always mishaps but this will save most of them:)

Here is an updated version of my 100th Day of School freebie and some of our creative writing!!  I'm sure writing is my favourite subject...until I'm sure math is:)

Here is my favourite!  I wish I had 100 dogs, I wish I had 100 moms, I wish I had 100 teachers, But I'd never wish for 100 dentist appointments!  LOL!!  Ditto!!!
I got this little surprise at the end of our day!  I love my job!

Here are some good buddies I'm told!

We had some incredible 100th Day projects!!  Check it out!!!

Our field trip to Specialty Bakery was next.  Chris and Carmen are such AWESOME tour givers...is that what you would call them?  Anyhow, they just keep getting better and better every year!!!  We made marzipan carrots, we got to wear cool bakery hats, we played with cookie dough, we went in the freezer, saw the ovens and the mixers, and we got to eat fresh bread and fresh cookies!!  It was DOUGHlicious!  I couldn't resist!

We had fun!!  I, on the other hand, was happy to hold it all together!  I wrote my report cards in the midst of all of this!  Thank goodness for the weekend!!!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Hall Pass Linky

Oh yeah, oh yeah!  Linking up with Reagan over at Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits for a bit of a fun teacher show and share!
PRODUCT:  Well, I just finished my Hug ME! It's Valentine's Day! mini-packet.  A little late, I know, but pin it for next year!!  It includes a great idea for Hug poetry - the kiddos always come up with great ideas!!

activities for Valentine's day fun easy primary kids teachers

Valentine's Day primary easy fun cute poetry

AREA: My favourite area in my room right now is probably my bulletin board for our writing.  It is so easy to clip up new works of art!!  LOVE IT!  Here is a link to my previous blog post about how I made this lovely bulletin board.

SIGNAL: My favourite signal right now is probably Bonjour Classe! and everyone says Oui Mademoiselle.  It is February so we are learning French, the language of love!  One of my other favourites is Team! and they say Yes, Coach!!  Way too much fun!  Also, I am in LOVE with Mr. Harry's Clean-Up Robot and so are my muffins!!

SANITY: My sanity is my friend Diane who teaches Grade 2/3 up above me!  She keeps me laughing all the time!!  I look forward to her sense of humour and her friendship!  Thanks Diane!  You keep me sane!

Here we are at our school Fundraising Black Tie dinner!  She is the best!

Can't wait to read all of your PASS shares.  Us teachers have got to stick together!!!

P.S. Be sure to enter my give away in the post below!!

100th Day Worries!! I think we made it!! Give Away!

I am so happy we have made it 100 days!  To be honest, for awhile there I was a little worried!  Phew!  We made it!  Time to party!  To celebrate the 100th Day of School I thought I would host a give away!

a grade one nut and her squirrelly crew

You could win anything from my TpT store including my new Spring Sound Garden packet!

Daily 5 primary independent booklet blending

It's a party so you have to leave with a party favour!!  This is a great 100th Day writing activity - easy and creative!

100th Day Activities

Saturday, 16 February 2013

2 Weeks of Valentine's Love in Pictures + Freeeeeebie

Simpson's Superstars is having a linky party to share Valentine's Day pictures!!  Check it out!!

Valentine's Day Craft
Hug ME!!  I'm a Love Monster!  I got this idea of Teacher Bits and Bobs' blog!
Valentine's Day primary easy cute fun
This is so stinking cute!!!
Valentine's Day primary fun easy
Click on the picture to get your free template!
ideas Valentine's Day
We were in charge of the bulletin board outside the gym for Catholic Schools week!  It worked out perfectly because I had my students include a sentence that began with, "I love my school because...."

Jump Rope for Heart!
We can hula hoop like no one else!!  Oh yeah!  Healthy Hearts!!!
I thought I would try out my panorama option on my phone.  LOVE!
Our school participated in Canstruction.  We worked together to collect money for cans.  We consulted with an engineer for design and then various students from the school went to help construct the masterpiece.  All cans were donated to the local food bank.
Valentine's Sack cute craft
My student teacher made these with my class last year based off a pin on pinterest.   Click on the picture above to see that pin.
craft Valentine's Day
Our Valentine's bag or sack as some would call it!

fun craft easy puppy
Here is my freebie template version!  Click on it to use!
so cute easy fun precious craft
So precious!!  
Valentine's Day primary easy cute fun
We wrote Hug Poetry!!

printables, packet, fun, easy, TpT
Get this little packet over at my TpT store and write your own Hug Poetry and much more!
Valentine from the Teacher
Freebie from the teacher wife!  My kids loved them and wore them while we watched a movie after we handed out Valentines!  
Happy Valentine's Day!!