Friday, 27 September 2013

Hilarious Yes Day!! Writing Freebie

YES!!!  Wouldn't that be easy?  If every answer was yes, I mean?  My muffins would surely love it...for awhile at least!  We actually read this book last year when I was teaching a straight grade 1 class.  Last week one of my 2's found it and wanted to read it again.  My goal this year has been to have my students write about topics they are excited about and they LOVED this book - never mind the theme we are working on!  BINGO - writing activity!

I decided we would make a class book.  Also, I wanted to review the use of question marks since each page has a new question.  Here is our little book we made:

I was confused by this one at first but then I realized he meant actually sitting on his desk rather than in his chair.  LOL

Oh yes!  ToysRUs is going to LOVE us!!

This one cracked me up!  Yes!  If you really want to - go for!

I had to ask what an alucorn is...apparently it is a cross between a unicorn and a pegasus - who knew!

YES!!  Sounds like teacher heaven!!!

Click HERE to download this for FREE!

Also, be sure to check out my newest packet.  I have really began to explore inquiry based learning and it has really made each learning experience for my kiddos individualized.  Their interest in their project is increased to the max because they have had a part in developing their own question to inquire about.  My packet details the steps needed to implement your own inquiry based unit.  I did mine on animals but it would work for any topic you were researching with your class.  It also covers a broad range of curriculum.

Here is one of the final projects one of my grade 1 students did last year on the lobster!!

Included are writing and colouring assessments, pictures, materials for mini-lessons etc.  I would say that these materials would stretch all the way to grade 3!

Can I take a break from blogging now!! YES!!  lol!  Even though I love it!

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Beautiful Easy Art and Student of the Week V.I.P.

This week was my first back and it has been so refreshing!  I have a new, brighter classroom.  I feel like I am finally getting good at this whole teaching thing!!!  Thank goodness!!  I thought I would share a few of my favourite things about this week!

The first thing that I had to buy was a new baking sheet!  I had two and I lost one doing a melting experiment over night - outside - someone must have had the urge to bake cookies!!  I use these ALL the time.  I put out stickers, googly eyes, buttons, etc. for students to choose from.  I use it for students to play with playdough.  It is ESSENTIAL and cheap at the Dollar Store!

This week I used it when we made our sand name pictures!!  This is such a cute and easy art project for the beginning of the year.  Have your students use their brand new glue bottles to write their name and decorate a piece of construction paper.  They may have to do one or two drafts before they get one they are happy with.  Encourage them to write their names big so they don't all mush together.

Then, have students come up to the sand station.  I laid down a tablecloth and I put out the cookie pan for extra sand.  Then, each student poured different colors of sand over their picture.  Encourage them to use colours that will pop out on their chosen colour of construction paper (Notice how my choice of aquamarine doesn't stand out very well above:)  After they have covered their paper in sand they dump the excess into the cookie pan! Voila!!  Beautiful, easy art!!

Since I am teaching a combined class this year with some of my students from last year I had to create a new Student of the Week program.  I came up with V.I.P.  So far I have been the first V.I.P - super fun!!  I chose the alien sunglasses to wear - I had a bunch of crazy sunglasses at the Dollar Store!

Check it out!! It is free for today on my TpT store!

Get it now!