Sunday, 15 November 2015

Freebie - Report Card Assessment Beginning of the Year

Happy NovemBEAR:)  It is almost report card season in my part of the world!  I thought I would share a little Language Arts Assessment freebie.  The first part assesses their reading and comprehension skills.  The second part assesses their phonics and sounding out skills.  The third part they must copy the sentence so it assesses their printing skills.  Hope this is useful!
first report card

Also for those of you teaching about religion I have a little make it yourself church that was student inspired.  They found some of my scraps from a couple of projects and started cutting them out.  Pretty soon they were creating their own churches so I thought why not make it into a class project!  Voila!!
cut and paste easy religious centered art

And this is how they turned out!!  The kids clapped when I told them about the project!!  Totally personalized for their learning and interest!! LOVE!

religion primary

primary classroom religion

All graphics are by the lovely Kari Bolt so be sure to check out her store on TpT!

Monday, 9 November 2015

Printing Practice Freebies

So I am teaching my students about where I would like them to place their letters when printing.  I have always used the analogy of a house to help but I have never made any worksheets to match.  Finally I made a few so here you go for free!

I do a little quiz by pointing to each part of the house and having them call out the name of the part I am pointing to.  After some practice they get used to talking about the upstairs, downstairs, basement, middle dotted line, top solid line, bottom solid line, etc.  We go fast, we go slow - it is pretty fun.

primary practice printing

Then we sorted out the letters of the alphabet into their respective houses!  Simple yet effective!  Happy printing, eh!