Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Need a Last Minute Halloween Art Project?

Boo!  Did I scare ya?  Are you scared anyway because the sugar levels in the children are going to skyrocket this week?  Bring it!!!!  We can handle it!!  As long as we have some fun art projects in our back pockets we are good to go!!  Here are two that I made recently with my class!

Scarecrow Sam: We read The Lonely Scarecrow in class and did some art to match!

Art primary easy fun

You will need:

hat templates from Kathy OR Mynda
white paper places
yellow tempera paint
buttons or googly eyes
straw from a hula skirt or Easter straw
squares of material
white glue
black felt tip marker
construction paper

fun creative

In the morning, I had students paint their paper plate yellow, making sure to put their name on the back before they painted.

In the afternoon, I laid out all the materials and options.  Some even decided to design their own hat!  Love the creativity!!

They used white glue in bottles to put it all together!!  I love the personality!!!

Easy and fun!!

We also made Hanging Button Spiders!!  These were so much fun!!!

Easy fun art!!

You will need:

pipe cleaners - 4 per student
googly eyes
hot glue gun
clear beading string for making necklaces
bamboo stick

Creepy Creative fun!!

Have students tie the clear string to their button first.  Then they can thread their pipe cleaners through the button holes until they are cut in half.

fun and easy

Have students bend legs in an accordian shape pattern.  Hot glue gun on googly eyes.  Tie other end of the string to a bamboo stick - I bought these at the dollar store in the garden section.  Use a piece of tape to secure the string in place!

hanging - scare your friends!!

My kiddos loved scaring each other!!  We had a blast!!  Happy Halloween!!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

TWO Easy Thanksgiving Art Projects: See It, Do It Turkeys

Not sure if I mentioned this but this growing season I was invited to work a chunk of garden at my friend's place.  I had such a great time weeding and watering - l learned a lot about plants and how they grow.  Here is a little of the bounty I collected from the garden.  Crazy how much there still was, even in October!!  You should of seen me try to wash the kale.  Looked at youtube videos, asked around.  Finally found out from my mom that you put a little salt in the water and boom, the aphids off!!!  Ack!! LOL.

As Thanksgiving has already come and gone here in Canada, I wanted to share the two crafts my class did this year.  The Grade 2's did these cute pinecone turkeys courtesy of my partner teacher Meg:)

What to gather:

large pinecones
colourful feathers
google eyes
red felt for the waddle
orange construction paper for the feet and beak

You will need white glue bottles for the kids.  Direct them to put on lots of glue and hold pieces in place while counting to 100 - it is a little overkill but it makes me laugh - they slow down a little bit - the room gets awfully quiet - LOVE!

Last, I hot glue gunned the google eyes and any feet, feathers, etc. that would not stay put!  Gobble, gobble!  

The Grade 1's got together with the other straight Grade 1 class and made a twist on last years apple turkeys.  Check out my post from last year!  Our pear turkeys turned out SO cute!

Thanksgiving Art

You will need to gather:

unripe pears
baby marshmallows
large marshmallows
carrots - shaved and stored in cold water
raisins or craisins

Thanksgiving Art
This is a flying turkey I am told!

We gave the kids the pictures of the apple turkeys from last year and the materials and the kids went at it!!  I love this method of See It, Do It art!  The kids get so used to us telling them step by step what to do, even though often if they just looked they would be able to figure it out.  In this case no instruction was the best instruction!  Critical thinking!!  Oh yeah!!

Thanksgiving Art
Not sure where this guy's feathers are coming out but they do help him stand!!  lol

See It Do It Art  Thanksgiving
Hee, hee, precious!!

Thanksgiving See It Do it Art
Turkey cuteness, right there!
Thanksgiving Art for kids
Hmmm - it actually kind of works!!!
Happy Thanksgiving all!!  I am very thankful for the many blessings in my life!!