Friday, 29 June 2012

I Can't Find My Pencil!!

So one day I was teaching my students a Health lesson.  We were talking about appropriate ways to ask for help in the classroom.  I started by saying that one mistake lots of grade one students make is rather than asking their teacher to get another pencil they say, "I can't find my pencil!!" or "I can't find my scissors!"  I explained to my students that since they know where the extra pencils and scissors are they should turn their statement into a question - "May I please go get a new pencil?" - and teachers all over the world would be more than happy to allow them to go and retrieve another.  Now, it may have been the fact that I used a silly voice when I demonstrated how not to ask for a pencil, but it turned into a running joke in my class.  The following is what resulted!  The best part is that this lesson really got the message across to my students.  I heard many polite requests from then on to get pencils, scissors, glue sticks, etc.  I hope it gives you a much needed laugh as you head into your summer break!  I laugh every time I see it!  Enjoy!

Monday, 25 June 2012

Beach Day Reading

After the success of our campout reading day I decided to try beach day reading!  So I asked the kids to bring a towel, sunglasses, and a hat to school.

Next, I set up a little concession stand.  I put down some plastic bags and a wet a few rags for kids to wipe their hands. Then, I began calling up students, who were reading quietly, to come to the concession and have a popsicle.  There was a half for each, encouraging sharing and reviewing fractions.

My students were all comfy so I decided to make it even more authentic.  I found a free sound mp3 of waves crashing onto the beach.

Unfortunately it was raining outside, so I set out a blue piece of felt for our lake inside the classroom.   I had kids take turns hanging out around the "lake".  Some even took a little dip:)

Last, we cleaned up - easy-peasy lemon squeezy!  So fun and a refreshing twist on silent reading.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Teach Canadian Symbolism with Voki

So one time, I was blog hopping, and I found this amazing blog that was explaining how to create your own Voki avatars.  I haven't been able to locate it right now but if I do I will definitely give credit!!  I decided to create some avatars to send to my class as a Morning Message. Since we are learning about Canada I decided to make them a have a Canadian theme. Here is what I created:

This was super easy and super fun to do.  The kids laughed a lot and thought that it was a bit "creepy"!!  Still, I found some free lesson plans here - one specifically about dental hygiene.  I  will probably use this next week!! What a fun use of technology in the classroom!!!!!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

National Aboriginal Day

Today, we celebrated National Aboriginal Day in my class!  One of my kiddo's mom works with a lady who had ordered all these wonderful resources to celebrate and learn about the Aboriginal cultures of Canada.  I decided I would use these materials and have our own Pow Wow in our class.  The curriculum objective is to name activities that Aboriginal peoples do in each season.  So, I introduced the centres and then I would stop the class occasionally and ask for ideas as to what season they might do the activity in or use the model being built.  I enlisted our Grade 4 Buddies to help with the centres - they were a great help!!!

We coloured Inuit art.  I put out black, blue and red markers with placemats in case the marker bled through.

We made inukshuks.  These are used to mark trails.

While students got fake tattoos, the others worked on an Aboriginal art inspired puzzle.

We folded and made a fortune craftivity.  Inside were different things you could do to celebrate National Aboriginal Day.

We made little wagons or "Red River Carts"

This triple canoe on the water was the most difficult.  It was so neat to see who excelled - often the kids who have trouble with printing and writing excel at building and putting things together.  The same was true today.

Happy Aboriginal Day ~ Summer Solstice!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Campfire Reading and Smores!!

I got this amazing idea to have a camp out reading day in my classroom from another teacher blog.  I sent a note home telling students to bring a blanket and a flashlight to school.  At lunch I set up a pretend campfire and a little "tarp" tent for the kids who didn't bring a blanket.

The rest of the crew draped their blankets over their desks and chairs.  They read until it was time to make s'mores in the other room.

 I bought the cookies dipped in chocolate so it eliminated the chocolate bar that can be a bit messy.  We used a microwave to cook the marshmallows!

Then, they all wanted to sit around the campfire, sing songs and tell stories.  What a great crew.  I even told a "scary" story about a Muskrat and a little boy named Bob.  Happy Camping!!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Crazy Cute Canadians Learn About Alliteration

I have THE CUTEST class.  Since we were learning about alliteration and Canada this month I decided to do a little writing activity to connect the two.   First, I taught about alliteration using the alliteration Power Pix.

The best part was we would say the definition for alliteration followed by singing "Big, Busy/Buzzy, Bee" to the tune of "Farmer and the Dell" while playing our air guitars.  Then, I had the kids write a rough draft of an alliteration using their first or last name.  At recess I edited them.

Then I had them colour a border on a big maple leaf flag, cut it out, write their alliteration in pencil, trace it in felt, and decorate with glitter glue.

Download the template here!!
art, Grade 1, primary

Crazy Cuteness created by some incredibly cute Canadians!!!!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Kiddo Creations and Our Father's Day Cards

Well we made our Father's Day Lid Magnet gifts today and they were all that I expected and more.  Some kids made Mr. Know-It-All and Mr. Weirdo magnets.  Some painstakingly drew their own soccer ball pattern onto their circle and some glued shells to their magnet for the more scientific, animal loving dad!!  Check out the pics below!!
Father's Day Lid craft

Father's Day craft

While some kiddies were making their magnets with my assistants, the others were making their Father's Day cards.  They did a super, awesome job!!

vest, card

vest, craft, card, Dad

vests, card

Kid cards, hand made, cute, easy, printables
Download this template here!!
Download the poem printable here!

This Friday we are having Donuts with Dad in our classroom and we will give them our cards and presents.  Happy Father's Day!!!!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Father's Day Lid Magnets

The creative bug has hit me with full force.  I really am starting to believe that lack of sleep is not a bad thing if it brings out all of this fantastic creativity in me:)  It started with a pin on pinterest -  Grow Creative: Lid Magnets  It reminded me that my thrifty aunt had saved and given me about a kazillion jar and juice lids.  I needed a Father's Day project and, thus, I created a Father's Day Lid Magnet craft.  I'm hoping my kiddies will squeal with delight over this craft.

My first task was to go to Michael's to find some round magnets to glue to the backs of the lids.  I ended up with some really adorable Father's Day stickers.  Then, I got suckered into buying a circle punch and boy am I glad I did - it made things a lot easier and it wasn't too expensive.  I know will be able to use it for future projects and crafts so it was worth it.  Next, I went to my classroom to gather some other creative supplies and my glue gun.

                                       craft, magnet, gift

                                       craft, fun, kids 

Next, I laid out and played with the design of each magnet and glued everything down with Tacky glue.  I came up with the following designs.        

craft, kids, activity

 Although I used the fun little ties from Michael's for these magnets, you could cut out and colour your own without having to buy them.

craft, activity, gift

I cut the bowtie and mustache myself out of left over scraps of cardstock.

craft, gift, activity

I glue-gunned on these nuts and bolts for a fun little decoration.

I drew the details for each ball on these sport themed magnets.

Then I glued gunned a magnet onto the back of each lid.  I am pumped to see what my kids will come up with during art.  I love a craft that kids can pretty much do themselves!!

gift, craft, easy, fun, Dad

When I was rooting around my craft box for paper I found some really cool postcard prints that I had bought from Ikea to decorate my room in university.  I hadn't put them up for awhile so I thought it was time to make them into some magnets for our fridge at home.  Also, I found some vintage clothespins I inherited from a student's neighbour's craft collection.  With the help of my sister we decided which patterns to use and below is the result.  I used tacky glue to glue the patterned paper on and a glue gun to put on the clothespin.

fun, easy, cute, crafts

I hope you enjoy this craft.  I had a blast creating and crafting!!!  Let me know if you have any questions!!!