About Me

As a teacher of children, I am the temporary parent of my students at school.  As a teacher of curriculum, I must be an expert regarding the concepts that I am required to teach.

My style is very structured but within that structure the students and I sing a lot of songs, play a lot of games and do a variety of activities.  Both my math and language arts programs are very hands on.  I try to teach to all of the learning styles.

My goal is to have every student succeed and have a wonderful year.  I want them to achieve, grow as students and love school.   My motto is that I am only as successful as the weakest student in my class.  Students learn by having success.  Each student learns differently and at different speeds.  They own their learning when they put effort into their lessons and they are able to critique their own work.

am a unique educator because I bring with me my camp counsellor background.  I incorporate many camp games, songs and activities into every day life and lessons.

As an educator, I am accountable to myself, my students, their parents, the administrators and staff at my school, my employers, and my community.  My job is to provide the best educational environment that I possibly can so that all of the above mentioned can benefit from what I bring to the table as an educator.

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