Saturday 15 September 2012

Classroom Pictures!!

I'm finally getting my pictures of my little ole classroom posted!  Here is my carpet area!

Here is my student desk area!

A view from the back of the room!  I find that pairs works better for Whole Brain Teaching, especially at the beginning of the year as they learn the Teach/OK!

A little close up here of my Power Pix Wall, my Math Tubs, and my Daily 5 Tubs:)

I am teaching with Jolly Phonics this year!!  I am loving the program so far.  Here is my little board that I use to teach each letter sound.

I made some cute little labels for my bins at the front of the room.  You can download them here for free.  If you need any special labels let me know and I will quickly make them for you!!  I attached mine to the bins with holes in them by hole punching the top and using a plastic paper clip to secure them to the bin. It worked quite nicely if I do say so myself;)

Below is my little calendar wall.  I made a few posters for this wall you can download for free.

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