Tuesday 25 December 2012

Reindeer Food, Grinch Day, and Our Christmas Concert

So I got this as a freebie from Reagan Tunstall again over at Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits!!  LOVE!!  First, we read the recipe and I made one baggy of reindeer food as an example.  The kids helped me write and sound out the directions.

While the kiddos were writing out their own instructions...

...two at a time were coming up to the reindeer food making station.  The quiet workers got to go first!! This provided real incentive!


The kids loved this activity and a few even tried the reindeer food themselves!!!


The next day was Grinch Day!  Here is our HEALTHY Grinch Day food!!!  No sugary treats on Grinch Day for us!!  And oddly enough, my kids LOVED it, were quite content with fruit and veggies and there was no sugar crash!!!  LOVE!!!!   Also, check out the cute veggie Christmas tree!!!

Here is my Grinch Day hairdo - not sure if you can see the little mini hat I found that I saved from a Christmas planter from last year.  I'm sure it looked better in person though!!! :$  You can't tell but there is an empty toilet roll hidden under some of my hair! Ha!

Here is my little crew practicing with their maracas for the Christmas concert.  We sang a lullaby and The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy reggae style!  They were amazing.  It is so incredible what 6 year olds can do when you give them the reins.  I told them to line up from tallest to smallest and get into their lines on stage.  They did it every time with very little direction from me!!  So capable and smart!!!

Afterwards, we had hot chocolate and cookies and I caught them all toasting each other!!!  SO  CUTE!!

Merry Christmas friends!!  May peace and joy be yours this Christmas!

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