Thursday 13 December 2012

Walking in a Winter Wonderland of Sounds...and a Freebie

I always kind of dread the change from warm to cold.  Then I start to adjust and I love the cool nights for sleeping.  Eventually, I remember how I love to ski and I CAN'T wait!!  Here is a little winter wonderland for you to enjoy!

I thought I would make a weeks worth of word work for my muffins focusing on word families.  I came up with a little booklet.  Each child gets a word family to work on.  They pick sounds from the Sound Garden, crossing them out as they test to see which letter sounds at the beginning will create words!  It took a few days but now my sweethearts are right into it, creating word families left, right and center!!  So proud!!!

Check out my little booklet as well as a second booklet focusing on beginning blends!  The Sound Garden is still there - just with different sounds to choose from!

primary, first grade, kindergarten, second grade

Also, this week, I had to sneak in this activity last minute - I realized I was in charge of decorating a window in the hall that leads to the gym where our Christmas concert will be held.  Thank goodness I had it prepared - it worked out quite nicely - I worked with half the class while the other half were making Christmas present crafts with some creative parents!  We started by reading The Legend of the Candy Cane by Lori Walburg.

first grade christmas activity

Then, we used a Q-tip and white glue to trace and glitter "esus".

primary craft, easy, fun

Next, we added a candy cane made from pipe cleaners as the "J" in Jesus!

I cut them out and put them up surrounding the poem below.  Click below for this little freebie template and The Legend of the Candy Cane poem!  

Happy week before Christmas blogging friends!!!  May you stay healthy and sane:)!

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