Sunday 13 January 2013

It's a New Year, It's a New Post, It's 2013!...and a Freebie

Happy New Year bloggy friends!!  My class was super busy this last week as we transitioned into the new year.  We had fun creating goals for ourselves and celebrating what we are good at!  I gave my kiddos mirrors and had them draw their determined face!  They were super excited about writing their names in fancy letters with as many curly cues as they wanted:)

Here is a 2013 Goals freebie for you to use!  Happy New Year friends!  So glad and grateful for the blogging world!!

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They had fun playing a couple of 1 more, 1 less, 2 more, 2 less, 10 more, 10 less year games.  Each player has a game board of years.  Players take turns uncovering years covered by counters and finding years on either of their game boards that are more or less.  These muffins are looking for years that are 1 less!

Also, we talked about forces, touching on gravity and friction with a New Year's Eve ball drop activity.  The kids loved watching the "ball"/bead drop down the straw coated with different materials (oil, hand lotion, flour, oil, hand sanitizer, dish soap, syrup etc.)  The little scientists in the making did a nice bar graph prediction before we experimented to predict what material would work the best!

Who knew hand lotion would allow the ball to drop at the perfect speed?

You can check all these activities out and more in my New Year's packet!

This is one of my favourite January art activities that I have been doing with my class for quite a few years now!  These city snow scenes are so easy and the kids get so creative!  Just cut up a bunch of different coloured construction paper.  Instruct your muffins to make sure each building is right next door to one another and to leave a space for the road/sidewalk at the bottom.  Have them add black windows to each building and encourage creativity!  They always impress me!

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I got this idea from a great arts and crafts book called:

Happy Sunday!  I am off for a cross-country ski!!  It is looking nice and sunny out there!! Yippee!!

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