Tuesday 25 June 2013

I got to get outta here!!!

This last Monday one of my little girls announced "I gotta get outta here!"  I laughed quietly because I AGREE!  It is TIME for a break!!!  So, we started by creating our time capsules!  To be opened at graduation!!  I'm so excited - they turned out so cute!

Get your time capsule packet now!

memory book

In between various other activities we have experienced TONS of rain and torrential downpours.  Alas, we have had to stay inside.  Very quickly I pushed back the desks and lined up some Just Dance Wii for kids videos!!  Here are my kiddos having a blast!!!  

Here is one of their favourites.  Also, be sure to check out Just Dance for Kids Wii S.I.M.P.  Let's just say it's lots of nutty fun!!!

Today we had our year end field trip to the beach!  We were so afraid it was going to rain but we LUCKED out and got lovely sun!!  Thank you Mother Nature!!

I love my muffins and I am going to miss them!!!

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