Friday 5 July 2013

Favorite Pins Friday!

Thank you Cara Carroll for this awesome sharing idea!!!  Bring on the pins!!!  I have read everyone's so far and the ideas are a'flowin'!!
 Pin #1: This year I will be teaching a 1/2 combined class which MEANS that I get to teach about oceans! OH YEAH!  We will be making these critters for sure!!!

Pin #2: I know my muffins will eat this up and I forgot to do it this year!!  I am picturing a LEGO scoop and add or maybe in groups of 3, each kiddo chooses 2 legos, puts them behind their back and the other student chooses a hand and then must add them together??

Pin #3: This idea is genius and so simple - totally forgot about it but I will definitely use it for expanded for next school year!

Pin #4: LOVE this for my geometry unit!!!  So simple and fun!!

Pin #5: Gotta have a little fashion!  Love the colours in this outfit - so soft and simple!!

Pin #6: This is my motto lately!  Fear tends to rule so many decisions in life - gotta face my fears!!

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