Sunday 19 January 2014

Anyone for a Freggie Tale? (FREEBIE included!) AND Easy Marshmallow Print Snowman Art

Happy New Year bloggy world!!  This is my first post for 2014 and I am excited for all the things to come!!!
primary easy

Before I explain how we made this cute little snowman art project how about a selfie!!!  I heard this was all the rage or maybe overused now?  Apparently selfie is the new # just like Snapchat and Instagram are the new Facebook!!

Here I am wearing my new necklace that I got for my birthday from my Aunt and Uncle - they are so sweet!!  My arm looks MASSSIVE!!  Not sure I am such of fan of the selfie - lol!!

Anywho - here is how we did our little art project this week:

You will need:

bright paper
large marshmallows
white paint in little containers
buttons for eyes
anything orange and papery for noses
jewels or baby pom poms for buttons
any kind of stretchy ribbon for a scarf - I unearthed some Easter coloured elastic - don't know where it came from but it worked
a black felt to draw on the arms
bright coloured paper for the hats

Students dipped the marshmallow in the paint and created the snow covered ground.  Then they used the marshmallow to make the body of the snowmen - making sure to lift straight up as they made each circle.

Students added details before the paint dried.  Don't you love how this one below turned out?  I love how you can see the purple paper through the white paint.  It kind of gives a nice texture and depth!

There is something so satisfying about that marshmallow squish onto the paper oooozzzzing white paint and creating a perfect round circle - sigh - I love art!

easy use marshmallow

Now for a little Health snack!!  So I got this e-mail from my principal about this new health resource and I was pleasantly surprised when I checked it out!  Apparently it has really caught on in Ontario and it is FREEEEEEE!!!!  YES!   Click on the picture or HERE to get your copy now!!


I love how nicely it is laid out - the lessons fit on one or two pages and the activities are fun and meaningful!!  I started the first lesson for Grade 2 this week and we read one of my favourite stories called I Will Never NOT EVER Eat a Tomato by Lauren Child.

Then, I had prepared 4 envelopes with food picture cut outs from the 4 food groups - I snagged a stack of fliers from Choices - the cashier at the checkout was a doll and let me have a bunch when I told her I was a teacher!  Students had to guess which one of the pictures did not belong!!  Great introduction to the 4 groups. 

Then each kiddo got a flier and cut out fruits, veggies, meats, breads etc. to match the suggested servings according to the Canada Food Guide for a child their age.  They glued these onto a paper place - I find so many uses for these cheapo paper plates!! - they turned out totally cute!

Here is a little freebie I made up after the fact to go along with this activity!

Click HERE to download!

Happy January folks!!  Time to start eating healthy!!

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