Thursday 6 February 2014

Easy Valentine's HeArt - Hee hee

Time for another installation of Easy ART!  This is starting to be my favourite blog inspiration.  Ok - so my student teacher found this idea on pinterest to use hearts to make different animals.  This might be the easiest, cutest, most enjoyed art ever!!  She decided to read the class Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister first.  Then she taught the class how to make the fish.  What I think is hilarious is how much the fish resemble each of the students that made them:)  Hee hee!!

So cheerful!!  

What you will need:

brightly coloured paper
heart tracers
googily eyes

Here we have a lovely angel fish!  Shimmer and float!!!

Directions: Have students make their big body heart first by folding their paper like a hot dog  Have them draw an ear shape (I always get them to feel the outside of their ear to get an idea of what half a heart is like.)  Next, have students used tracers to create other hearts for the tail, lips, and fins with different coloured paper.  Add details with felts for texture and VoilĂ !!  Magnifique!!!

Apparently this one is a fighting fish!!

I call this one the triangle head fish!

This can only be a puffer fish!  Watch out for this one!!

The best part is I heard one of my boys say, "What a cool idea!!"  I told him to tell my student teacher!

Also, I have just finished my newest set of plays/ Reader's Theater packet!!  I had so much fun writing them once again and the last set of Nativity plays were such a hit with my class I had to do more!!

Reader's Theater Primary

Plus I found these cute, cute graphics from Teaching in the Tongass!  There is such talent in graphic design out there!!

Simple readers primary

Here are the colourful print out version to paste onto popsicle sticks!!  Insta-puppet!!

Reader's Theater primary easy beginning readers

Happy Valentine's Day next week all!  Turns out it is also our 100th Day of school!  EEEEEeeek!!!  Minor panic attack....and I'm done:)

Be sure to check out last year's post for more good ideas!

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