Friday 28 February 2014

9 Sentence Story Writing {Writing Fiction}, Bricks4Kidz, and Just Be Respectful

First of all - thanks to all who made purchases in the TpT 3 Million Strong sale!!  I am super excited about the two packets I bought!

Captain's Log, stardate 9522.6: We were very busy writing our stories this week.  My students were a little hesitant at first but as time passed and they developed their stories - masterpieces were born from tiny, sparkly ideas!!  Since I am teaching Grade 2 this year and they were already familiar with 3 Sentence Story Writing from last year,  I decided to take their experience and make Level 2: 9 Sentence Story Writing!  Click on it to check it out!

writing fiction  story writing for primary

Here is just one of the activities I created to go along with the packet.  

writing stories with kids fiction

Here are some of the super, awesome stories my students produced.  I am so proud of them.  The are literally amazing in their creativity!  The sentences and flow are pretty darn great if I do say so myself!!

Story #1

Story #2

Story #3

Happy story writing!

On top of all that, oh me oh my - so glad I made it through report cards, Career Day, Choose Respect Day, Grade 2 Community Worker interviews with iPads - thanks Mrs. O for all of your hard work :)

Here is one of our hardworking Educational Assistants being interviewed by some budding reporters!
Also, Bricks4Kidz came for our in school field trip (one of my students won it by guessing the correct amount of legos in a jar - Hurrah!).  Here is a pict of the Bricks4Kidz field trip.  We made windmills that attached to little battery packs - so cool!

At this point we connected them altogether and created some serious wind power! Yeah Bricks4Kidz!
I received my iPad Minis this week too thanks to Just Be Friends and the friendship video some of our students made - it ended up being the Grand Prize Winner.  Check it out!!!!  

Here are two of my kiddos with our iPad minis - I'm not sure who is more excited - me or them!!

Finally, here is my class working on their Just Be Respectful Badge - we made a banner and talked about how good manners are respectful.  I displayed it in the hallway.  We also made up friendship handshakes!  The Just Be Friends program has excellent ideas with ties to curriculum - super easy to use for teachers and excellent for friendship building within school communities!

Have a great weekend - we deserve it!!

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