Monday 24 February 2014

Easy Plasticine Olympic Sport Sculpture Art and 3 Million Strong TpT Sale

Have you heard about the news?  Three million teachers are part of Teachers pay Teachers! - helping each other provide quality education resources all over the world.  Check out the sale this Thursday and Friday!

Here is my own St. Patrick's Day activity pack you can pick up for a steal!  What luck!!

It includes a little game that practices those wily # partners of 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.  They have been giving my 2's the runaround lately.  I am bound and determined they will have them memorized!

Now for some easy art!!  Hurrah!!! We made plasticine sculptures of various winter sports - perfect for the Winter Olympics - it would be kind of cool to do this as part of a study based on the Paralympics that are beginning now!

This little figure skater is doing a nice deep lunge:)
What you will need:
small paper plates
different colours of plasticine
placemats for desks and easy clean up
glue sticks for rolling pins
toothpicks for reinforcements

First, have students put their names on the bottom of their plate.  Have them soften and roll their chosen colour of plasticine for the bottom or ground of their sculpture.  Explain that they must stretch it out over the entire plate bottom so that no plate is showing.  

Next students must build their sculpture with a sturdy enough body so that it does not fall over - demonstrate how to stick toothpicks in the middle of each body part - especially when connecting any limbs - to ensure sturdiness.

Encourage creativity.  Discuss adding small details to make the sculpture interesting - try to avoid big mounds of unrecognizable sporting mania:)  Show how adding eyes, and stripes on the pants, etc. will make the sculpture eye-catching and appealing!

Check out this gnarly snowboarder - I love the slopes she has got going on - definitely shreddin' some pow!
We usually have the parents and other grades by for a little museum - the kids write about their sport.  They love this but we will not be doing that this year - this week the Grade 1's are having their Career Day on Friday so that will be enough!!:)
Hope your Monday was super!

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