Saturday 29 March 2014

3D Shapes Showdown Addition! AND Dual Language Book Review

Happy Spring all!! - and happy Spring BREAK to those who are still in that happy time of the year;)

So I had a customer request to add the vocabulary term apex and base to my 3D Shape Showdown.  I finally got around to fixing it up.  Now it is added to the package.  To all you who have bought it, printed, cut and laminated it already I have added an additional page at the back for you to print and laminate without having to reprint everything all over.  I am SO grateful to all of my previous customers!!!  Click on the picture to go to my TpT store for redownload!

math primary activities

primary activities math

As some of you may know, I am a bit of a language buff - I LOVE teaching my little muffins French!  I was thrilled when I was approached by Tim Johnson A.K.A. The Language Bear to review one of his Dual Language books.  I chose French and English being that I am in Canada, but there are many options including Spanish, Italian, etc.  A digital teacher's guide is included.  

The Language Bear

Each page has the words in English and French.  Tim sent me the PDF version so I popped it up on the SmartBoard and read it to the class.  The pictures were amazing (the kids commented on these specifically) and the story was so cute and fun.  My class had a great time connecting the French words with the English words.  Certain vocabulary is highlighted so it was easy to make the connections!

Dual Lanugage Books
This product is of high quality!  The kids loved it and I found that it was wonderful way of introducing French literature into the classroom!!  Be sure to check it out!!!  Happy last few days of Spring Break!!  I will be going out tonight for a little salsa masquerade party!  Super excited!!

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