Tuesday 15 April 2014

Spring Has Sprung! Easy Art Spring Edition AND Organization Station!

Spring has sprung, the grass has riz - I wonder where the flowers is?  Actually, they are right here in another easy art blog post!!  As you can see we have been learning about flowers and seeds.  Out popped this super easy, yet aesthetically pleasing project!

flower petal art shading pastel

You will need:

faux flower petals from the Dollar Store
yellow construction paper
various types of seeds
white glue
oil pastels

Love the creativity here!!

First, have students put a circle of glue (great time to review this 2D shape) for the flower head.  Have students glue petals all around the circle.  If needed they can add a second layer.

Next, students can glue seeds to make the centre of their flower.  I encouraged them to make a pattern.

spring art primary

Finally, I showed them a shading technique with the oil pastel to make the leaves and stem.  I had the students draw the leaves and stem, then shade one side darker.  After, I had them smudge the pastel with their finger towards the other side to create a cool 3D effect!

I was super impressed with how they turned out!!

The reminds me of something a little Hawaiian princess would wear!

My muffins are so creative!

Voila!  Easy Spring ART!  Huzzah!

Now onto the Language Arts part of the post.  We have been learning about the writing trait of organization.  It is kind of a hard trait to teach!!!  What is organization in writing really?  Sometimes it comes easily but other times it does not!!  I thought we should study some examples more carefully so I came up with - dun, duduh!!  Organization Station!  

primary beginning middle end activities

In the following activity students must read the story, cut it apart and organize it from title and author to end.  Students will then glue it on the provided sheet below.  

Writing traits primary

My kiddos had fun reading, cutting and glueing.  They had to read the stories carefully to ensure they did not mix up the order.  Yes - close reading!!!

Writing Activities

It was so cute - today I ran into a teacher friend in Zumba class.  She came up to me and asked if I had a teacher blog.  When I replied that I did she said that she had seen my blog and was so excited that she knew me!!!  Eeeek!!  It was so cool!!  She is teaching Grade 1 this year for the first time and is loving TpT!  Anyhow, hope all is well in your little classroom!  Happy Spring!!

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