Tuesday 22 April 2014

Easy Easter Basket Art

Happy Easter everyone!!  I hope you had as nice a weekend as I did!  I have to share how I came up with my Easter basket idea this year.  I am kind of obsessed with this amazing website called Catholic Icing.  It has SO many great ideas for my 2's that are going to receive their First Communion soon!  So I found this CUTE representation based on Leonardo Davinci's painting of the Last Supper.

Click on the picture above for more instructions on the blog itself!  Thank goodness we got our buddies to help us make them as they were so fun but quite the undertaking!

Anyhow, at the end of it all I had all these lids from the egg cartons we used.  Initially they all got thrown into the recycle bin.  Then, as I was circulating - you like that lovely teacher word? - I do - it sounds so formal and teachery...anyways so as I was circulating I had an idea!  I would use them to help make our Easter baskets this year!

What you will need:

egg cartons - lids will do but both sides will work
hole punch
stapler or white glue
pipe cleaners
paint brushes
water/glue containers
placemats to cut down on the mess
Easter grass

First, have students cut the lid in half.  Next, have students slide the carton together to make whatever size basket they wish.  They may have to cut out some of the carton so that it will fit nicely together like a piece of lego or a jigsaw puzzle.  Then, have your students glue, or staple to save time, their carton together.  Hole punch each side and add pipe cleaner for the handle - choose a different colour for each side, attach them and then twist them together in the middle.  Use colourful tissue paper and a mixture of water and white glue to modge podge the outside - I told my students to just decorate the sides rather than the bottom to save time.  Let them dry overnight.  Finally, add Easter grass and they are ready to go!!

If you have already done your Easter baskets you can always pin it for next year:)  Happy Easter all!!

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