Saturday 19 April 2014

Math Game Freebie Alert: 1000 - count by 50's, 100's, and 25's

Have you ever played 10,000 before?  If you haven't this game is inspired by 10,000.  It was funny because my intention was to teach my class this game but then I realized that the full version was a tad too difficult for adding reasons and number of rules.  The game quickly became modified into 1000 and my muffins LOVED them some 1000 playing!

count by 25's,, 50's, 100's
Graphics and fonts by Ashley Hughes, First Grade Brain, and Cara Taylo

CLICK above for the freebie instructions!!  What I really love is that my kiddos are practicing counting by 25 - this will help with money immensely!  They also learn to add big numbers together - booyah!

Here is a picture of the plate the kids use to roll their dice on to cut down on the noise.  My wonderful mentors Carla and Joan gave me this idea.  Just hot glue gun some felt into a paper play and bye-bye noisy dice sounds!!!

As you can see they are a little worse for wear due to many year of use!!

I was on my TpT store and looking at the comments some of you left!  They are so nice to read.  A lot of you mentioned how you liked the Canadian content!!  Well here is some more Canadian content for all of you peeps out there!  Click on the picture below to see it on TpT!

primary activities Social Studies BC Curriculum

Here is just a taste of one of the activities that we did this year.  This is based on Michael Mitchell's amazing song "Canada in My Pocket" - so adorable.  Not quite sure how to handle the loss of the penny though.  Anyone else out there in the same conundrum?

My Canada, My Country, My Community primary Social Studies

Here is the video - it is so cute and catchy - we sang it a lot!

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