Sunday 7 December 2014

Are We Out of the Woods Yet?

Oh boy am I a fan of Taylor Swift's new album!  Can't stop listening to it these days.  That Out of the Woods song was probably my first favourite song of the album 1989 - quickly followed by every other song.  Kind of is appropriate since we studied bears all of November in my little neck of the woods.

I'm not sure if I have said how much I like technology and teaching but this little packet has a little of everything!  I had a lot of fun doing the activities with my class!  Check out the picks and check it out on TpT if you think you might like to try it in your own little neck of the woods.

Polar bear information for Daily 5 or choral reading!

Compare grizzly bears to humans!!

Bear unit

Here is a little template I made for Teddy Bear Day writing as part of the packet!

grizzly polar panda black bear

A cute little title page for our Bear booklet that we use for the unit!!

Bear Unit

A lesson plan is included for Pudding Bear Art - you may remember my post about this project a while back!!

Bear Unit Polar Bears Grade one first grade primary

There is also a lesson for Polar Bear Tear Art!  There are also some nice FREEBIES on this old post!

Here are a few of the little munchkins enjoying their picnic with the furry friends!

Hope you had a Beary good Novembear like I did!!  In the clear now!!!

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