Wednesday 3 December 2014

Group Project!! Oh Yah, Seasons Yah!

Hello all!!  I finally got my act together to get out my latest packet.  I felt like I just couldn't find the right graphics and it finally came together!  I know - it's December - sigh... I guess other things just got in the way.  But I have to say it really motivated my students and helped them work together as a group!

Check out some picts!!

You will need large poster paper.  The print outs in the packet are glued on.  Follow the lesson plan and divide the kids into groups!

The kids work together to create their project.  In this case each tree will be decorated to match each of the seasons.

Check out my packet on TpT.  The tree looks a little different in the packet - a little smoother and more refined I think!!

group project primary

Other projects include clothing and food for different seasons!  There are also book ideas and classroom decoration ideas, not to mention lesson plans.

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