Wednesday 20 November 2013

Technology Tip: Organize Your Computer Files with Flair!!

Well this is strange - this is the first time I am doing this from school!!  I just have to share a quick organizational tip - especially for all of you technologically savvy up and comers!!  I LOVE technology - but I find it especially hard to use if my digital files are not organized.  See picture below:
 As you can see my files are all over the place. I do not follow any pattern for naming, etc.  It is nearly impossible to find anything say I were to try teaching a lesson on the SMARTBoard or even plan for the next week!

FACT: Your files will automatically alphabetize themselves...BUT did you know that you can add spaces or numbers to the front of the file name and they will appear FIRST in your folder!!

Save time as a teacher using technology

YES!!  You can have your most important files appear at the top of your Documents folder for easy access!!!

Click twice on your file folder leaving time in between each click (double clicking fast will just open the file).  The first click should highlight the name of the folder and with the second click a cursor will appear.

Position it at the front of the name and add a "1" or a space, periods, or even an underscore "_" to your most used file. 

Don't panic if it moves spots.  The computer will numerically organize it for you as soon as you click anywhere else in the folder.

  My number first file is titled "_Basics Elementary".  Next comes "_Opening Activities", followed by "0LongRangePlans". 

If, like mine, your files were all over the place ordered with no thought, begin by creating folders within your Documents folder for however you decide to categorize your folders.

Open up a second window and begin transferring and organizing your files to your new numerically, symbolically organized folders.

This has made my life SO much easier when teaching with technology!!

Happy teaching!!!

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