Friday 26 April 2013

Published!! 3 Sentence Stories! AND Independent Sounding Out

So these last few weeks my student teacher has been teaching my little muffins about 3 sentence story writing, using a beginning, a middle, and an end.  We also talked about 6 + 1 Writing Traits - ideas, organization, and word choice.  My kiddos, as usual, really impressed me with their abilities!!!  What I love about encouraging them to sound out and spell their own words is that they are not blocked from spelling any word even if they do not know the correct spelling.  Their writing flows and their voice shines through!  I really emphasize this throughout the whole year so that they learn to write lots of quality writing.  The stories they came up with are wonderful.  You will notice the first one has a few more then 3 sentences and that is OK.
One day there was a pretty princess.  She was by a tower.  The shiny princess got captured by a scary dragon.  The terrified princess called for heeeeelp!  The handsome prince saved the loving princess.  The prince killed the red dragon.  The end!

I will give my 3 Sentence Story Writing packet to the first person who leaves a comment correctly guessing what the story above is about.  There are lots of little clues and it is so cute my student teacher and I laughed and laughed!!

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