Sunday 7 April 2013

Hippity Hop! Easy Easter Art AND Our Field Trip to Home Depot

Hippity Hop!  It's Easter time and I am loving this spring weather!  I even went for a dip in the lake last weekend.  It was FREEZING but the sun warmed me up really quickly and the day was glorious!  To celebrate, I am giving away my Spring Sound Garden packet away to the first 10 people to tell me their favourite thing about Easter!  Please be sure to leave your e-mail in your post!

Once again it has been a couple of crazy weeks!  My student teacher started teaching, we had our first swimming lessons (a bit of fiasco in itself - the bus broke down, we missed our lesson, etc., etc.) and we went on a field trip to Home Depot.  I have to say I wasn't sure what to expect.  When we got there we were warmly welcomed and introduced to Myrtle, our wonderful tour guide.  We wandered around Home Depot and Myrtle was fantastic, answering questions, demonstrating carpet cutting equipment, etc.  It was a great start!

Eventually, Myrtle brought us to this aisle in the store with two pieces of plywood decorated with hammers and glue.  What fun!

Each of my students received an adorable Home Depot apron and a kit to build a wooden toy race car. Each kit had directions, nails, stickers etc.  Myrtle told the kids to go for it!  

It was so great seeing them look at the instructions and figure out for themselves how to build their cars.  I wouldn't be honest if I didn't say we had to pry apart a few cars and re-nail a few nails but in the end everyone had a cute toy racer to call their own!

We had a BLAST!  The kiddos wanted to wear their aprons all day long!

I have to share another lovely Easter cross art idea!  It is so easy and simple that you will have to make it with your kids.  Explain to your muffins that their are two types of crosses; one is with Jesus on the cross and one where Jesus has been taken down from the cross and is now in heaven with God!

 Have your kiddos collage squares of tissue paper all over a cross printed onto card stock.  Glue sticks work best.  Make sure to remind kids to put the glue onto the paper and then paste the tissue paper on.  I keep a full bucket of pre-cut  tissue  paper squares for all my tissue paper art projects over the year.  This makes for easy preparation.

Students can then cut out their cross and, hippity hop, easy Easter art!!  Click on the template below  and enjoy!!

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